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composer of concert & Film and TV music


composer of contemporary classical &
Film and TV music

Perhaps most striking was his ability to bring what I call “composer’s mind” to his playing. This was not mere reproduction but a philosophical exploration of the musical content. Being a composer himself, he could really delve into the question of what the composer wanted to say.

Alan Fraser
Director of Alan Fraser Piano Institute

Hajrudin Muhić is a communicative person, always open for cooperation and exploration of new ideas. He is equally successful in individual and team efforts. He is an exceptional musical scholar.

Tatjana Milosevic Mijanovic, PhD
Associate Professor of Composition
Faculcity of Music in Belgrade


  • Compose YourselfSmokeless break project – collaboration with Berklee, Spotify, and Nicorette (2022)
  • Altered Brain – for two flutes and piano dedicated to Chamber Ensemble “Flutete”  (2022)
  • Sherbet – symphonic suite commissioned by Asociacion of Composers – Music Creator of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2021)
  • Forgotten Pyramids for chamber string orchestra (2020)
  • Gluten-Free Sugar for clarinet and string quartet (2020)
  • Homo Ludens – a poem for string quartet and narrator (2019)
  • Homo Viator – a collection of songs for soprano and piano (2019)
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  • Kad se voljeni prepiru samo se sale for violin and piano (2019)
  • The city for piano prepared piano (2018)
  • Good and bad run together for violoncello and piano (2017)
  • Five ways of life for piano solo (2016)
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Hajrudin Muhic is a composer, arranger, and pianist hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His musical journey started in Bosnia, where he began his music education. In January 2021, after graduating in Bosnia, Hajrudin was awarded a scholarship to study Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA).

Hajrudin’s remarkable talent garnered him prestigious awards, including the coveted Cvjetko Rihtman award from the Association of Composers – Music Authors of Bosnia and Herzegovina, recognizing him as the country’s finest composition student. He was also celebrated as the top student at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka during Vlado S. Milosevic’s Days.

During his senior year at Berklee, Hajrudin served as an assistant to various professors, contributing his expertise in orchestration, composition, and MIDI mockup courses. His exceptional journey also led to the Michael Kamen award, honoring his dedication and artistic prowess.

As a film composer, his compositions have graced award-winning films at festivals in Bosnia, Serbia, Portugal, Russia, and Greece. Notably, his recent work for the movie “Guguto Memeto” was recognized at the 9th Film Olympiad in Greece, as one of the winners in the Best Original Music category.

Hajrudin writes concert music for different solo and chamber ensembles, with his compositions recorded at the legendary Power Station Studio in New York. He also plays a pivotal role as a music engraver and graphic designer on nationally important projects, further contributing to the cultural richness of his homeland. In addition to these accomplishments, Hajrudin’s diverse skill set extends to software engineering, where he created “Malleus.” This innovative software, which was featured in dissertations, is designed to enhance musical understanding and literacy.


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